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Thursday, November 03, 2005

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Monday, October 31, 2005


Santa Ysabel Islands

Indy celeb (suva) 2003

luk baek!!

A Spanish explorer, Álvaro de Mendeña de Neira, was the first European to visit the islands (1568), but his colonizing efforts failed. European settlers and missionaries arrived throughout the 18th and 19th cent. In 1885 the German New Guinea Company established control over the N Solomons. The southern islands were placed under a British protectorate in 1893; the eastern islands were added to it in 1898. In 1900, Germany transferred its islands (except Bougainville and Buka) to Great Britain in return for British withdrawal from Western Samoa. Bougainville and Buka were occupied by Australian forces during World War I and were placed under Australian mandate by the League of Nations in 1920. During World War II, Choiseul, New Georgia, Ysabel, and Guadalcanal were occupied by the Japanese (1942) but were liberated by U.S. forces (1943–44). The Solomon Islands became self-governing in 1976 and independent in 1978. The government is parliamentary, with a governor-general representing the British crown, a prime minister and cabinet, and an elected unicameral parliament. In Aug., 1997, Bartholomew Ulufa’alu became prime minister after winning a leadership vote in parliament. Ethnic strife broke out on Guadalcanal in 1999, as island natives fought with immigrants from the island of Malaita. In 2000 the battling between ethnic-based militias intensified, and the Malaita militia took Ulufa’alu hostage in June. The prime minister resigned under duress; Mannasseh Sogavare, who was chosen to succeed him, pledged to seek a resolution to the violence. After elections held in Dec., 2001, Sir Allan Kemakeza was elected prime minister. Despite efforts to negotiate an end to the violence, it continued, ruining the economy and bankrupting the country. In July, 2003, an Australian-led peacekeeping force entered the Solomons at the government’s request to restore order. The operation was largely successful, disarming rebels, arresting their leaders, and enabling people displaced by the violence to return home, and most troops were withdrawn before year’s end. Police officers associated with the mission remain in the Solomons.

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Community Initiatives

Tirotue Original Landowners Association
President Ellison Riugita
Vice President Judah Manehage
Secretary John Stanley Qaromo
Treasurer Ambrose Kotu
Address PO Box 31, Bula
Province Isabel
Phone 35056 (message)

* To carry out sustainable economic plans on behalf of and for the benefit of the landowners
* To promote and improve the standard of living for families of the original landowners
* To create sustainable cottage businesses utilizing the natural resources
* To establish and manage commercial projects in agriculture and fisheries for the benefit of the landowners


* Tree planting - the community has done some work on this project, but at a slow pace. Roughly 1 hectare of teak trees have been planted
* Rice Farming – this is currently at trial stage with family members
* Eco-Tourism – land has been identified and plans are in progress

Beneficiaries Individual members and families; surrounding villages and communities

Area Tirotue customary land in West Maringe District, Isabel Province

Saturday, October 29, 2005


WKB AND JT negotiating terms and conditions for Isa affiliation to USPSA.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welkam to Ysa Blog

Welcome to Ysabel Student Association blog or website. We are the people of Santa Ysabel: It is an island province in the Country called Solomon Islands. Including English, We speak in our different dialects, Bugotu, Cheke Holo, Zabana, Blablanga, Gao, Laghu and Kokota, generally, there is a shared sentiments on culture, musicology, anthropology and religion. Having said that the main religion in the island province is Christianity and Ysabel holds the foothold of one of the biggest denominations in the Pacific, The Church of Melanesia. The mentioned of this is very important as there is an important relationship between church and culture. More informations will be posted in the blog as we move on with our interactions.

So wantoks, and mavitu at large this is your site. Tok stori and piksa stori: Enjoy!!!


YSA Admin